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Below you will be able to navigate our beautiful artworks, the money obtained from the sale will be fully utilized for the support of the people of Mozambique

Cultural Effervescence

A pop art portrait of a famous woman as a statement against rapid changes of cultural icons. her image is preserved as an artefact that is identified by members of a culture as representative of that culture. Synthetic colours of urban pop culture and influences of Tropicalism and glamorous advertising are fused into a pop art piece to immortalise the life of a transient symbol of a fast-paced generation.

Price: £5000

Please see below photographs on sale from our exhibition ‘Fraternity Without Borders: A Social Documentary Exhibition’ held at Gallery 32 at the Embassy of Brazil in London in March 2018. The show exhibited photographs by 4 Brazilian photographers (Alisson Demetrio, Gustavo Arrais Felipe Torres and Fernanda Calixto) showing the work of Fraternity without Borders’ on the ground in Mozambique. Get to know more about the artists and this event at: https://www.fraternitywithoutborders.co.uk/templates/events.html

The Family

The show exhibits photos by 3 Brazilian photographers (Alisson Demetrio, Felipe Torres and Fernanda Calixto) that register the work of the charity Fraternity Without Borders in Mozambique. Click on the image for more info...

Price: £240

or to arrange a payment in 10 monthly installments of £24, please contact info@fraternitywithoutborders.co.uk